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Temples, Phang Nga, Thailand

Suwan Khuha Temple, Thakua-thung

This temple is located in Moo 2 of Tambon Kasom. Starting from Phang-nga Town, go 7 km down the Phang-nga-Khoke Kloy road Route 4). At km 31, an asphalt road turns off to the right. The temple is about 1 km down this road.

Local people call this tempel ''Wat Tham'' which means ''Cave Temple'', It is in a limestone mountain, full of caves large and small. Each cave in the temple has a mane : Tham Yai or Big Cave; Tham Jaeng or Bright Cave; Tham Mued or Dark Cave; and Tham Kaew or Crystal Cave. Tham Yai is the first cave encountered at the foot of the mountain and serves as the entrance to temple. It is much bigger than other cavers; 20 meters wide and 40 meters long. The floor is flat and the ceiling a curving dome overhead. The cave's length is decorated in variously sized tiles of Lai Khram (porcelain or china with designs in indigo blue) and Benjarong (Thai porcelain). Inside Tham Yai, which is used as a Vihara temple, are stucco figures of Buddha. The most important one is a beautiful 1-5 meter long Reclining Buddha.

Rat Uppathum Temple, Thap-put

This temple is located in Tambon Baang Ring, 11 km away on Petchakasem Road. This place is noted for its cool, shady environment, the temple has many important Buddhist artifacts, including the Phra Mahathat Chedi Buddha Dhram Banlue on the top of Laan Mountain, shaped like a bell. A statue of Kuan Im, a Chinese deity in Buddhism is inside.

Naraya Nika Rhaam Temple, Ka-pong

This temple is about 14 km away from the District Administrative Office there are three statues of Narayana (Rama), Rama's brother, and Rama's wife, Sita. These three statues also indicate the origins and antiquity of Hindu Thakua-pa, called in ancient times Takola.