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National Parks, Phang Nga, Thailand

Sri Phang-nga National Park, Kura-buri

Lying about 100 km north of Phang-nga Town, this national park is all forest full of wild animals. Tourist attractions here are:

Tham Nang Waterfall
Go down the road from the national parks offices for 4.5 km and on foot for another 500 meters to reach the waterfall.

Thone Thon Waterfall
Yhis waterfall is about 1 hour 30 minutes away from the national parks offices. On the way, you will reach Thone Thon Tuei Noi waterfall.

Tone Sai Waterfall
This waterfall is 15 minutes down the road that spits off on the right near the entrance booth from the main road leading into the park. To get to this national park, from Thakua-pa take the Petchakasem Road that leads to Ranong. At km 756 turn right and drive on for about another 5 km.

Khao Lamphi-Thai-muang Beach National Park

This national park covers a total area of 45,000 rai. It was declared a national park on April 14, 1986. Tourist attractions in this national park are:

Lamphi Waterfall
This waterfall is located in Moo 6, Tambon Thaimuang on Petchaksem Road for about 1.5 km to the waterfall, which is a medium-sized waterfall divide into three levels, each level about 100 meters high, flowing all year round.

Tone Phrai Waterfall
At km 28-29 is a gravel road on your left. Follow that road for 7 km then continue on foot for another kilometer. Tone Phrai is a large waterfall flowing all year round, but the bets time of the year to visit this waterfall is during the dry season.

Thai-muang Beach
This stretch of sand, 13 km long, with beautiful, clear water and Phang-Nga's first golf course nearby, is in Sukkhaphiban Thai-muang. Driving down an asphalt road for about 500 meters and further 5 km on the road next to the beach will bring you to the entrance to this beach. The beach is clean and the swimming is excellent. During November-February of each year sea turtles come to this beach to lay eggs. It has become a tradition of the local people to view the turtles on moonlit nights.

Conservation center of the Princess Chulabhorn Undersea Park Project
Located in the naval base in Thap Lamu, this center was created to spread knowledge of the undersea environment and its resources. The two-story building has rooms displaying the work of the Chulabhorn Research Institute's royal chairman, a meeting room, a dining room, a performance pavilion, and an exhibition hall. The exhibition hall is divided into two parts. The first part has four rooms detailing the Chulabhorn Projects origins, the importance of undersea resources and environment new ideas in undersea eco-tourism and an exhibit of artworks focusing on undersea world themes. The featured exhibition hall is "Progress in Tourism Through Circulation of Information and Knowledge" (Tel. 0-7659-5041-2 ext 1170, Tel/Fax 0-7644-3299).

The Royal Navy's Third Fleet Sea Turtle Nursery
Also located in the naval base in Thap Lamu, this nursery provides a place where baby turtles from areas on the Andaman seaboard are nurse until strong enough to survive on their own. It is the country's most important such nursery on the Andaman coast.

Khao Lak-Lamroo National Park, Thakua-pa

This national park covers parts of Thaimuang, Ka-pong, Thakua-Pa and Muang districts, and lies about 33 km south of Thakua-pa Town on Route 4. Tourist attractions here are:

Khao Lak
Twenty-five kilometers from Thakua-pa town on Route 4, only an hour from Phuket International Airport, there is a mountain with a shrine on top. This shrine is dedicated to the guardian spirit of Lak Mountain, or "Khao Lak". Opposite this mountain is Khao Lak Beach, a stretch of sand and rocks alternating. There are many accommodations and tour agencies here.

Laem Pakarang (Coral Cape)
Located off Petchakasem Road, about 5 km south of Thakua-pa on the stretch of the road running between Thakua-pa and Khaw Lak, this tourist attraction is full of dead coral that was washed up on the shore, hence its name. Pine trees line the beach, providing a cool, shady place to relax. Accommodations are available.

Thone Chong Fah Waterfall
Located on the same roads as Laem Pakarang, this waterfall and stream flows all year round.

Baang Sak Beach
Located in Tambon Baang Muang, this beach is a long stretch of white sand shaded by pine trees, There are also accommodations available. To get there, take Petchakasem Road (Route 4) north toward Takua-pa town until you reach km 76-77. Turn right and drive for another kilometer.