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Phang-nga Town, Thailand

Phang nga Town, is not the first thing that comes into mind when thinking of Phang nga, but it is still worth a visit for those exploring the region. Phang-nga Town has many attractions, like khao chang, phung chang cave etc. There are also many places where boats can be rent to travel to Phang-nga Bay.

Khao Chang

This hill is Phang-nga's landmark, standing behind the Provincial Hall, a large hill that resembles a kneeling elephant.

Phung Chang cave

This cave is located within the grounds of Phra Phat Phra Jim Kaet Temple behind the Provincial Hall. Inside are stalagmites, stalactites and a stream that runs all year round. Two-hour excursions on foot, canoe, or raft through the cave are available (contact Thongthae Sea Canoe tel. 0-7641-2292).

Ruesi Sawan and Luek Seua Caves

These two caves are located in Somdej Phra Sri Nakkharin Park on Petchkasem Road, diagonally across from the Provincial Courthouse. The two caves are connected, with the Ruesi Sawan cave in front. Inside are stalactites, stalagmites and small streams.

Khao Ngum Cave

This cave is located across from the entrance to Phoong Chang Cave. Inside are stalagmites and stalacties. One part of this cave has great number of seashells adhered to the mountain.

Sra Nang Manorah Park or Nang Manorah Waterfall

To get to this waterfall take route 4 between Phang-nga and Krabi for 4 kms. Turn right next to the Electric Station and drive a further 3 kms.

Phang-nga Bay National Park

Phang-nga Bay was declared a national park on April 29, 1981 and covers a total area of 250,000 rai in the district of Muang (Phang-nga Town) and Thakua-thung. Take Route 4 from Phang-nga towards Khoke Kloy for about 8 kms. Turn left on route 4144 and drive a further 4 kms.

There are many places where boats can be rent to travel to Phang-nga Bay, such as :

Tha Daan Sullakakorn pier (Customs Pier)
This pier is near the Phang-nga Bay Resort. Boats from small to large - including boats suitable for group tours - may be rented here (large boats can be rented at Rua Lak Muang tel. 0-7641-1140 or Cha Charan tel. 0-7641-1490).

Surakul or Ka-Som pier
This pier is in Thakua-thung. The boat available here are roofed long-tail boats (contact Rua Puen Foong tel. 0-7649-6420, Rua Kiat Chai Charoen tel. 0-7649-6475, or Phol Shop tel. 0-7649-6381).

The pier in the area of Phang-nga Bay National Park
Roofed long-tail boats can be rented here.

The Provincial Administration Organization Pier (the Or Bor Jor Pier)
Roofed long-tail boats are available.

Boat rental fees (chartered boat fares) are shown on signs at all piers. It takes about 3 hours to view Phang-nga Bay. The bay can be accessed all year round.