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Phang-nga Bay, Thailand

Phang-nga Bay is the most famous part of Phang-nga, where a tour of the area will take your breath away, as it is just an amazing scene, the most famous is of course the island of james bond, Khao Phing-kan.

Penyee Island

Most of islanders Muslim fisherfolk. There are many souvenir shops and restaurants on the island.

Khao Phing-kan

This famous attraction is located in Thakua-thung District. From Khao Phing-kan you can see another famous attraction, Koh Tha-pu, an island that resembles a nail.

Thum Lod

This cave has beautiful and stalactites. Tourists can go through the cave on long-tail boat.

Hong Island

Canoes can enter the caves of this island and find a lagoon that is surrounded by walls of limestone, simlar to being in a large hall.

Panak Island

This island has a cave full of beautiful stalagmites and stalactites, along with a small stepped waterfall and a lagoon ideal for canoeing. There are also many types of flora and fauna to be found in the island's mangrove forest.

Lawa Yai Island

This island is approximately two hours away by long-tail boat from the national park. It is a small island with beautiful white beaches, clear water, and beautiful coral.

Khao Khien

This island is located on the way to Panyee Island. Animal drawing that date back more than 3,000 years ago are on the wall of Khao Khien.

Phang-nga Wildlife Breeding Center

The Center is located on Petchakasem Road in Tambon Thaak Daed on the road to Phang-nga Bay from Phuket. Many nearly extinct species can be found here such as mynahs, parrots, hawks, peacoks, pheasants, gibbons, mountain goats, and langurs (long-tailed monkeys). The Center is open daily from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. (tel. 0-7641-3261).

Tapan Cave Monastery

This monastery is located in Tambon Thai Chang in Phang-nga Town. If travelling from Phuket to Phang-nga Town, go about 600 meters past the Provincial Hall, trun left and go on for about 400 meters to the monastery. Inside is a bridge called the Dragon Bridge that Spans Hell. At one end of the bridge is a cave that has many beautiful attractions, such as a waterfall, a stream, the Diamond Dharma Meditation Area, stalactites and stalagmites resembling a castle, a three-peaked stupa, a thousand-year old stone turtle, etc.

Tone Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary is in Tambon Song Praek on the road from Phang-nga Town to Ka-pong District. About 5 Kms. from Phang-nga town, trun right at Baan Song Praek and go on for another 15 kms to the sanctuary. Full of many species of trees, a waterfall, and a stream, this beautiful area can be visited on elephant back or by canoe. Contact Phuket Sealand (tel. 0-7622-2900-1) for information.