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Phang Nga, Thailand, Travel Guide

Phang-nga is most famous for it's bay, and all the available day-trips from Phuket that takes you on unforgettable experience. But there is more to Phang-nga that just spending a few hours there and seeing the James Bond Island.

You should spend a couple of days or weeks exploring the region, and it will be well worth it, we'll try to guide you to some of the more popular things to see and do, but we're sure you will find out that there is much more to do once you arrive.

If you're an explorer and want to discover some of Thailand's most wonderfull regions head for Phang-nga.

There is also great beaches here. A bit less crowded than the resort beaches of Phuket or Krabi.

Phang-nga Bay, Thailand

There is many many islands and attractions in phang-nga bay.

Koh Yao, Phang Nga, Thailand

Koh Yao District consists of a group of islands with beautiful beaches in Phang-nga Bay. There are all together 44 islands. Yao Yai Island is the biggest one, while Yao Noi Island hosts many beautiful beaches and resorts.

Beaches, Phang Nga, Thailand

The Phang-nga region has quite a few destinations, if your into beaches, we've covered most of them in other sections, the most popular mainland beachs are those in the khaolak region, Khao Lak Beach, Laem Pakarang, Baang Sak Beach and Thai-muang Beach. Very popular island beaches can be found on Similian islands, Surin islands, Lawa yai island in Phang-nga bay, Koh Yao, Khai Nok Island, Khai nai Island, Phra Thong Island. And some not yet mentioned beaches are listed below.