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Krabi, Thailand, Travel Guide

Krabi is most know as a sub holiday destination to Phuket, on the road here from Phuket you pass thru Phang Nga, the province is located mostly on the mainland. Famous Islands such as Phi Phi Island and Koh Lanta is also part of the province. It is alot quiter than Phuket, and do not offer the same nightlife or shopping experiences. This is where you go when you want to relax and kick back, to enjoy life at a slower pace...


Here you can go sea canoeing, rock climbing, bird-watching, forest-treking, diving, or just lace around on one of the beaches, like Nopparat Thara Beach or Ao Nang.


There is plenty of attractions that you should not miss while here, several caves are to be seen around the provice such as, Pet Cave, Chao Ley Cave, Toh Luang Cave, and Tehp Nimit Cave.

The provice also hosts serveral National Parks, such as Tarnbohk Korani National Park and Kao Panom Benjah National Park, these are also worth a visit.

Some of the Islands you may take a longtail boat to visit is, Garos Island, Talu Island, Daeng Island, Hong Island, Jahm Island, Sri Bor Yah Island, and Koh Silah.

Dont miss to see one of the waterfalls, Huay Toh Waterfall, Klong Haeng Waterfall, Toh Hahn Waterfall, and Hin Perng Waterfall. Or a visit to the Hot Springs, the Tahm Seua Kao Gaew Ao Luhk Tanu Monastery, or the natural springs Sah Gaew. The Shell Cemetery is also a sight not to be missed.

Enjoy your stay...