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Krabi Islands, Thailand

Garos Island

Is off the eastern tip of Laem Sak. Ancient paintings of men and animals are on the cliff walls facing Him Bai Bay.

Talu Island

The centre of this island has a 45 meters high hill, perforated by a 30 meters hole, thus its name; talu means to pass through. The island is noted for the presence of swifts in large numbers that make the precious swallow bird's nests used in the Chinese delicacy, Bird's Nest Soup.

Daeng Island

Here is a fine sandy beach 25 meters long, and a passage through the cliff 70 meters wide and 20 meters high.

Hong Island

Comprise a number of large and small limestone Islands. Hong Island is also called Lao Billeh Island is the largest. These rugged islands are shaped like half circles, forming bays in which there is both shallow and deep water coral. Perfect for diving and fishing. The best known Islands beside Hong Island are: Lakkah or Sakkah; Lao Riem; Pakka; and Lao Lahding Islands. Boats from Ao Nang Beach; the trip take about one hour.

Jahm Island or Poo Island

A large Muslim-populated Island forming its own sub-district in Krabi. The population engages mostly in fishing, rubber cultivation and the local craft of cloth weaving. This last has become so well-known that Krabi province is famous for its cloth, called Pah Tor Koh Poo woven cloth. During the fine weather months of dry season, passage to the Island can be made by taking a boat from Krabi Passenger Port in Krabi Town: when the weather is rainy take a boat from Laem Kruad pier in Neua Klong District. Beach bungalows are available for overnight visitors.

Sri Bor Yah Island

This Island lies not far from Jahm Island and is likewise populated by Muslims engaged in fishing and rubber planting. The atmosphere is quiet and pleasant, perfect for unhurried holiday relaxation. Beach bungalows are available. During fine-weather months take the boat from Krabi Passenger Port in Krabi Town; in rainy season, leave from Laem Kruad pier in Neua Klong District.

Koh Silah

On this Island are found many colorful and exotic species of bird. Koh Silah is 2 kilometers from Haht Bor Muang Beach.