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Krabi National Parks, Thailand

Tarnbohk Korani National Park

Covers 37.5 rai (1 rai=1,600 square meters) in Tambon Ao Luk Tai, one kilometer from Tambon Ao Luk Neua market intersection on the Ao Luk Laem Sak road. The park is shady and forested by many different species of trees growing round the attractive pond after which the park is named, the Sah Bohk Korani. Species include the Wild Gardenia, Asoka, and Apocynaceae. The Sah Bohk Korani flows through a wind passage in the mountain; at the north end of the pool is a footprint of the Buddha carved in wood near the little temple sacred to Jao Por Toh Yuan Toh Chong.

Kao Panom Benjah National Park

Lies about 20 kilometers from Krabi Town on the Talahd Gao-Ban Huay Toh Road. The park covers an area of 50.12 square kilometers in parts of three districts: Kao Panom, Ampher Muang, and Ao Luk. It composed mainly of virgin forest growing amid craggy hills and valleys. There are a number of interesting places to visit like : Tahm Kao Peung (Bee's Cave), Klong Haeng Waterfall, and Toh Hahn Waterfall.