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Bangkok Nightlife - Sukhumvit Road

Bangkok, amongst other titles, is known as the City of Angels and for a lot of people that is exactly what they find as soon as they get off the plane. The Bangkok Nightlife will continue to amuse, astound and amaze you long after the initial thrill has passed. It is well advised, however, that before you start to indulge in any of the pleasures that are found here we strongly suggest you read through our Tips and Tricks pages. Although Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles, there are plenty of people who would like to relieve you of your hard earned cash as soon as possible. In common with any other countries you may have visited, it's best to be aware of the various pitfalls you may come across. If you use our information but ignore our advice and warnings, don't be surprised when you come unstuck.

The main entertainment areas of Bangkok Nightlife are situated in several different areas of the city. The first area we will visit is the Sukhumvit Road district. Running between east and west Bangkok, this road probably has the highest concentration of nightlife venues for the open-minded visitor.

Starting at the western most end, you will find yourself looking at a large collection of outside bars sitting under the expressway, known collectively as Soi Zero. Although strictly speaking there isn't actually a Sukhumvit Soi Zero, this area was named such because of it's location west of Soi 1. It was formerly called the Buckskin Joe Village. There are quite a few beer bars, some of which have pool tables and are air-conditioned.

Keep walking along Sukhumvit heading east and quickly you will come to Soi 4, the home of Nana Entertainment Plaza. Nana Plaza is a complex full of go-go and beer bars and is probably the best known adult entertainment venue in the area.

Further along at Soi 7 is the aptly named Soi 7 Beer Garden, a daytime venue for both visitors and working girls.

Continuing on to the Soi 23 area we come to another large entertainment centre located in a single road known as Soi Cowboy. Soi Cowboy is an ex-pat's favourite haunt and some people will never go anywhere else. Soi Cowboy is undergoing a kind of self re-invention. In the past year or so there have been a lot of changes in the Soi starting with the opening of the Dollhouse. This large, two storey go-go came as a kind of a wake up call to other bars in the Soi which had remained unchanged for many years. After the opening of this 'diamond among the rough' other bars started to sit up and take notice. Recently refurbished or rebuilt bars include Suzie Wong, Baccara, Shark, Cowboy 2 and the soon to be finished Sheba.

In the same area are the Asoke beer bars, another collection of outside bars similar to what you might find in Pattaya. It's a bit hard to describe these. As with most small beer bars, the owners seem to change on a regular basis. If you want to check these out it will take you about five minutes to decide for yourself what you think of them. And just around the corner is Soi 23 itself which has a few bars some of which are done out in the interiors of whichever country they are meant to represent.

On the other side of the road is Soi 22, home of Washington Square, mainly frequented by ex-pats and ex-Vietnam vets who couldn't bring themselves to leave Thailand. Washington Square is definitely one of the more quiet bar areas.

A little further along you will arrive at Soi 33. This is where you will find the area containing the establishments known as Painter or Artists Bars, so called because most of them are named after various different artists. Soi 33 bars are a totally different style from a lot of the places you may visit. Again, some people love them and some hate them.

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