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Bangkok Attractions, Thailand

There is alot of attractions in Bangkok for the frequent visitor, as most visitors will return once they fall in love with Thailand. Even if the city is quite bussy and not to everyones liking, it has its own charm that in a way attracts everyone to visit once in a while. One of the many temples are always worth a visit to break from the bussy shopping or nightlife trends. And there is also alot of options for the kids, Dream World is very popular (the No.1 amusement park in thailand), as well as Safari World should thrill the young ones. So browse through our guide to some of the many attractions that Bangkok has to offer.

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Old Royal City

Bangkoks Original heart contains the greatest concentration of historic monuments. Described below are the principal sights as encountered on two possible walking tours. In keeping with what was once the 'Venice of the East', old Bangkok is most appropriately approached via the Chao Phraya, and so our tour begins by taking a river taxi to the Tha Tien landing stage, adjacent to Wat Po.


Lying to the north of old royal Bangkok, the spacious, tree-lined avenues of the Dusit area present a striking contrast, and give the area an almost European feel. It was first groomed as the citys new royal quarter at the turn of the 20th century by King Rama V, a monarch renowned for his progressive policies and interest in the West. Although the present royal residence, Chitralada Palace, is located in Dusit, its extensive grounds effectively hide it from public gaze.

Thonburi Temples

In spite of a brief spell as Thailands capital in the 18th century, Thonburi, on the west bank of the Chao Phraya, today shows little evidence of its past and is largely suburban in character. It does, however, boast a few noteworthy temples.


When Bangkok was chosen as Thailands capital, the Chinese traders occupying the river bank were moved back to make space for the Grand Palace and other buildings. They were resettled southeast of the old royal city in a district which today remains Chinatown, Krung and Yaowaraj roads.

Secular Sights

Information of Jim Thompsons House, Suan Pakkard Palace, Snake Farm and the Weekend Market.