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Bangkok Nightlife, Thailand

The nightlife scene in Bangkok is as varied as the city itself, from beer bars to go-gos, from massage parlours to discos where the girls just have to be seen to be believed.

We have divided the nightlife section into the areas of the bangkok where visitors are most likely to come on their travels. To get to the desired area, just click on the links below and you will be taken to the relevant pages.

Most visitors will arrive in the country via Don Muang airport in Bangkok. This city really is a sprawling metropolis and you could easily spend a whole vacation here before you had seen all that the city has to offer. Our nightlife guide to Bangkok covers every aspect of entertainment in this great city and will hopefully make your stay that much more informed and enjoyable.

Heading south from Bangkok brings us to the resort of Pattaya. Located on the sea, this coastal town has both a huge nightlife scene as well as opportunities for many activities during the daytime, whether it's water sports, golf or other pastimes.

Traveling further afield from Bangkok you can visit the island of after dark scene for the amorous traveler.

Another island that may be well worth considering is party options for the visitor who is maybe after a bit more of a laid back time than can be had in Bangkok or some of the other destinations.

For a different pace altogether you may consider the northern city of Chiang Mai. With the stunning scenery nearby it's certainly worth a look around even though the nightlife scene is a lot quieter than either Bangkok or Pattaya.

Bangkok Nightlife - Sukhumvit Road

The main entertainment areas of Bangkok Nightlife are situated in several different areas of the city. You can read about the different areas in more detail by clicking on the links in the side menu. The first area we will visit is the Sukhumvit Road district. Running between east and west Bangkok, this road probably has the highest concentration of nightlife venues for the open-minded visitor.

Bangkok Nightlife - Soi Cowboy

Located off Soi 23, or Asoke depending on which way you arrive, Soi Cowboy is one of the ex-pats favourite hangouts. More laid back than either Nana Plaza or Patpong and still with a good enough choice of girls to keep everybody happy.

Bangkok Nightlife - Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP)

Without a doubt, presently the busiest and most well known entertainment venue on Sukhumvit Road. Located on Soi 4, this congregation of go-go and beer bars has to be seen to be believed.

Bangkok Nightlife - Soi 33

As you make your way down Soi 33 you will notice a lot of nice ladies sitting outside bars with names like Monet, Goya and Renoir, hence the term artist bars, or painter bars. These girls are not dressed the same way as most of the girls that you will see in the bars or go-gos. They are in nice evening dresses and the great majority of them look as if they've had their make up applied by a professional beautician.

Bangkok Nightlife - Patpong

Silom Road area, as well as being the main business district of Bangkok, contains probably the most well-known red light district in the world as well as being about the most well known area of Thai Nightlife: Patpong. Many terms could be used to describe Patpong. A t-shirt used recently to promote a conference on world sex workers sported a logo, "Patpong - more than just a street". This phrase is not only very apt, but makes us think a little more about this street (actually 3 streets) in Bangkok.