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Bangkok Nightlife - Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP)

Without a doubt, presently the busiest and most well known entertainment venue on Sukhumvit Road. Located on Soi 4, this congregation of go-go and beer bars has to be seen to be believed.

If you are a first time visitor to the kingdom you could easily spend a couple of evenings wandering around here without having to get into a taxi and visit anywhere else. As you walk into the plaza you will be greeted by a neon playground rising 3 stories above you. I wouldn't recommend visiting during daylight hours as then the magic is lost and you can see what the place really looks like.

A lot of people say that Nana-plaza has gone downhill in recent years and we have to agree. You will find nowhere near the same number of stunners that can be still found in Patpong but that is reflected in the prices that the majority of the girls expect you to pay here.

There are obviously some exceptions here such as bars like Play Skool, Angel Witch and G-spot. Play Skool is one of if not the most consistent bars in Nana Plaza for the quality of the girls and always gets good reviews for being an honest well run bar. Angel Witch is a real star in Nana Plaza also, with a good selection of girls and some of the best shows in Thailand. G Spot is one of the Crown groups Flagship bars, they have more than a few above average girls working there and it has to be one of your stops if your heading on an NEP tour of duty.

The quality of the girls in the bars varies as much as the style of the bars themselves. If there is a particular style of music you like then somewhere in NEP there's a bar to suit you.

With the current crackdown in the night-time entertainment scene, nudity is not as common as it once was in Nana Plaza. It can still be found occasionally, but expect to see the girls clad in bikinis more often than not.

If, however, you happen to be in a bar where the girls are naked and you see all these beauties diving off the stage in a hurry, that's usually a sign that the signal has been made that the police are approaching. Sometimes it's a funny site with all these naked bodies falling over each other in a rush to get into some sort of "respectable" attire.

The days when Nana Plaza was an ex-pat's hangout are long gone and in the high season it can get very busy. The long awaited "Japanese takeover" never really occurred as the doomsayers were foretelling for so long and Nana is going to be a must visit place for a good while yet.

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