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Rawai Beach

The southern most beach, is not really a beach for sun divers, its more for food lovers, and especially to those who are interested in barberque, chicken, fish, prawn, crab & other delishious seafood.




Dining here is excelent at very good prices, compared to some of the well overpriced hotel restaurants. Especially in high season this is a well visited beach by many to enjoy a lovely barberque. Highly recomended if you are in the neighburhood, or just fancy a drive along the coast, ending with an amazing meal.



Its also a start of point when you are going to the nearby islands with either a longtail boat or one of the speedboats. Trips are available all day, but you should start in the morning, as the price is the same for a few hours as for a full day, its the distant that sets it. Trips for racha island is far more expensive than for example coral island. So gather a few people to split the price, and off you go. The boats have snorkel equipment for you, just make sure they bring along enough for everybody, as you will for sure be spending alot of time in the water, looking at those colorfull fishes, and floating around.