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Beyond Phuket

In the nearby Phuket area there are plenty of sites well worth visiting, we have tried to provide information guides on some of the ones not to be missed.

Phi Phi Islands

A paradise in the andaman, famed as among the most beautiful tropical islands of the world, Phi Phi islands have become one of the most popular tourist attractions of Thailand. The islands, together with the nearby Noppharatthara Beach, were recently established as a national park with a total area of 390 sq km.

Khao Lak & Phang-Nga

Phang-nga is located just to the north of Phuket on the western coast of the penisular part of southern Thailand with an area of 4,171 sq km. Its long sandy coast (220 km) and large numbers of limestone islands (161) and mountains make it one of the most scenic provinces of Thailand, and gives a lot of opportunities for tourists to enjoy various activities both on land and in the sea like trekking, canoeing and diving. Though a small province, it has as many as six national parks. Of all the national parks in Phang-nga, three are on land, offering scenic mountains and fine beaches.