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Phuket Nightlife Activities

There is several activities to keep you bussy apart from the usual bar and nightclub scene.

Phuket Fantasea
Spectacular Fantasea, for anyone a little bored with the nightlife and bars around the island, Phuket Fantasea is definitely the place to try next. This has got to be one of the biggest entertainment complexes in Asia.

The drive up to the entrance will leave you in no doubt about what you are going to be offered at Fantasea. It's all bright lights and big top type cabaret and there are so many staff you cant possibly get lost.

The evening kicks off with a buffet dinner in the enormous Golden Kinaree Restaurant. Seating up to 4.000 people, this palatial ping and yellow eating house dishes up anything from sushi to fresh green salad.

Dinner over, there is plenty of time to take a stroll through Festival Village. This is a purpose-built shopping area decked out with artificial lakes and cave entrances and plenty of glitter. Crafts are for sale from all over Thailand and those in the mood can play games like tombola or skittles. Heaven on earth for children.

Finally comes the big show. A little late for some, starting at 9 pm, but worth it all the same. All guests take their pre-allocated seats in the state-of-the-art theatre and settle down for a spell-binding performance set in ancient Sukhothai with all the feel of a Broadway spectacular. The next one and a half hours takes you through magical illusions, acrobatics, pyrotechnics, brilliant sound effects and, of course, elephant antics. Fantasea has over 30 elephants on the team and they provide one of the most memorable parts of the evening.

Fantasea is at Kamala, located on any tourist map. Costs 1,800 baht for adults and 1,400 for children including dinner and transfer (Tel 076 385111).