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Samui Tours, Thailand

There many organised tours to places of interest around the Island. Details of which can be found in the excellent free guides Some are for the whole day and some for half day. Tailor made tours to suit your own particular needs and interests are easily obtainable . Transport, (you will be picked up and taken back to your accommodation) food, and entrance fees are usually included in the price paid when you book. A few tours are listed below.

Elephant treking - take a ride through jungle on one of these magnificent beasts.

Pearl Farm - see how pearls are grown and harvested on a neighbouring island

Heavens secret garden - a fantastic garden, in the hills above the coastline, created by a Thai man, as a hobby when he retired. A place of utter peace and beauty away from the hustle and bustle.

Temples - there are several to visit, all with different interesting aspects. At one, Big Buddha, a twelve metre high golden image can be seen, and at another, a mummified monk.

Waterfalls - The Islands waterfalls and the countryside around them is truly stunning, and you can get a glimpse of life away from the resorts.

Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks, amazing rock formations.

Aquariums - see the amazing colours and shapes of the fish found in the tropical waters around Koh Samui.

Butterfly Farm - The butterflies are in a beautiful garden of Samuis flora and fauna.

Monkeys working - you can visit a coconut farm and see the monkeys so cleverly collecting the ripe coconuts.

AND ..... many more, including shows with performing monkeys, elephants, tigers birds and snakes.. Craft villages where you can see local crafts being made and how the land was farmed years ago. All well worth a visit for your enjoyment whilst on holiday but also to understand this wonderful country.