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Chiang Mai Thailand

The anciant capital of northern Thailand is the starting point for a fascinating tour of antiquities, exotic hill tribes, and lush jungle-covered mountains. This is where the ancient Lanna culture of Northern Thailand flourished for centuries, evidenced by some of the most beautiful temples and art in Asia. Adding to Chiang Mai's charm are its amiable people, ever ready to lend a helping hand to visitors.

Chiang Mai Attractions

Chiang mai have many things to offer the new visitor, alot of stunning temples, the cool air of the mountains, hilltribe villages, elephant camps and other delights of the northern hills.

Chiang Mai Dining

As elsewhere in Thailand, one of the pleasures of a visit to Chiang Mai is the chance to dine on fine food. The dining options range from Thai, which is rapidly gaining popularity in the West, to Continental and Asian. Best of all, the prices are quite resonable. An added attraction of eating out in Chiang Mai is the lovely settings of its restaurants: old Lanna homes, riverside inns and gardens ensure a different dining experience every evening.

Chiang Mai Nightlife

Nightlife in Chiang Mai was inconceivable some 30 years ago. All the same, the Blue Moon started business in a subdued way and is still in bussiness with a lively band and an array of singers. For those who enjoy dancing, the larger hotels have discos. Alongside the moat, near Tha Phae Gate, are a variety of bars, some with live bands, taped music and videos, others with music and hostesses. Taking their cue from Bangkok, some Patpong style bars have opened with go-go girls.